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Legal & Notarial Services

At M. Duncan & Associates helping you is our practice and our experience is your solution!

Our staff are well qualified to assist you with your legal needs.

General Advice on Business & Property matters in a variety of matters that can crop up in your life, including helping you understand contracts and agreements, or explaining how issues can affect you and what action might be most appropriate relevant for example to your employment or other problems you are worried about; Conveyancing acting on sales and purchases of Houses/Units/Businesses and ancillary issues Wills Probate & Estate Planning including drafting /advising on Wills, Power of Attorney
& Enduring Guardian matters and disputed estate issues, and applying for Probate or Letters of Administration and advising on disputes about estates.
Family Law including Parenting & Property Matters/ pursuing Dispute Resolution or when necessary Litigating issues. 
Litigation including not only Family Court matters but matters that arise in other courts and Tribunals such as Supreme Court, Local Court &the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal)

Marieann Duncan is the Notary Public at M Duncan and Associates. Sometimes you will require proof that a document was signed by you or that it is a true copy of the original. In Australia this can be done by a solicitor or a Justice of the Peace. However, when documents relate to a foreign jurisdiction, a higher authority is required. Notaries are Legal Practitioners appointed by the Supreme Court for the purpose of facilitating private or public international law requirements. Notaries are able to administer oaths, witness signatures, verify copies (as true copies of the originals) and issue Notarial certificates. Call us for your notarial services, we are conveniently located a 15 minute walk from DFAT if you need an authentication or apostille.

Here is a checklist of things to know for your appointment:
  • We must see original identification documents such as a passport or driver licence if the Notary needs to identify you
  • We must see the original documents if the Notary is being asked to certify copy documents.
  • We must meet with and properly identify a person to notarise their signature.
  • We must verify information when we need to identify corporations or other entities.
  • We do charge in accordance with the scale set by the NSW Attorney General's office. Notaries and solicitors, unlike Justices of the Peace, take an insurable risk in their work including signing documents.

Want to know more about Notaries? See here:

Conveyancing, Business & Commercial matters

  • Advice
  • Leases
  • Drafting Documents/Contracts
  • Handling Disputes

Employment law

  • Advice on unfair dismissal
  • Employment contracts

Family law

  • Property
  • Children
  • Divorce
  • Negotiated Agreements
  • Disputes


  • Experience in Local /District / Supreme /Family & Federal Courts
  • Traffic Matters
  • Civil Claims

Wills & Estates Planning

We can help you with your Estate Planning documents which include your Will and also appointments of Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian. We will discuss with you your circumstances to assist you in making appropriate planning arrangements for the future.
Call (02) 9699 9877 to find out more about how we can help you with your legal needs
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